biophilic design keyboard and mouse covered in greenery in the office

Why You Need a Biophilic Design in your Office

Office greenery was once low-maintenance plants with dusty leaves. Greenery in the workplace today has expanded into vertical living walls, salad, herbs, even “forests” on the rooftop. Biophilic design is seen in the workplace to reduce absence and mental fatigue, promote emotional satisfaction, and enhance productivity. In other words, bringing nature in is good for …

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Conference Room Design

Generational Diversity in the Workplace

It seems that these days everyone is thinking about generations – discrepancies in generations, variations in generations, optimizing business development through generations, etc. The gaps between the generations have important implications in almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Does your work environment factor into this list? The Generations Baby Boomers are those …

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Trilink - showroom interior design

What is Workplace Design?

Today’s office design is the result of recent advances designed to create a competitive climate for the workplace. The world of work continues to change and the elements that once helped offices add less value than they did before. What does workplace design mean today? Workplace Design Best Practices   An increasingly emphasized factor is …

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