How to Incorporate Branding Into Office Design

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There’s more to a well-designed office than ergonomics alone. Your office interior design is a powerful way to improve branding and professionalism. The reason why many designs and redesigns are successful is that, like any good execution, the idea is well thought out. Creating an inspiring, branded office is more complex than simply plastering the room with a business’s logo and colors. After all, your office is not an advertisement for your company. An expertly designed and stunning workspace manages to strike a balance between corporate branding, aesthetics, and functionality. To accomplish this, here are some things you should consider.

The Planning Process

Before getting into the design of your workspace, determine how important your branding is to your company, and how extensive your existing brand guidelines are. You should decide if your space should complement your branding, or your branding should complement your space. While this sounds similar, they are very different when it comes to design. Some companies’ branding only carries their logo design to collateral and social media while others carry theirs to print, graphics, and throughout their office space. If your branding has a standout strong element, such as a bold main color, your space should be complementary, instead of carrying all of your branding into the space.
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Take, for example, our own office. Planning interiors has strong branding in our colors. In our office, the dominating aspect is our space itself, not our brand. We incorporated the colors of our logo into the carpeting, furniture, and accents around our space.

Ways to Incorporate Your Brand into Your Space

There are multiple ways to incorporate your brand into your space. We can get creative in finding what works for you, your company, space, budget, and lease term.
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If you have a short lease, working elements such as your color palette into a less permanent design like decor, furniture, or paint can bring your branding into your space. With longer lease terms, you may be able to work your branding into more permanent features, like carpeting or flooring. Sometimes your brand colors can get repetitive and even overwhelming, especially if they’re used in all marketing collateral. If this is the case, it may be better to use an accent brand color for your space to really tie everything together!

The Planning Interiors Process

The Planning Interiors process consists of steps to ensure your space is designed and functions how you want. The process begins with one of our interior designers connecting with you to discover your wants and needs for your space. Are you rebranding? Do you need a recommendation for someone to help with the rebrand?
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Then, the interior designer studies your brand guidelines or branding package and creates a design that compliments your unique look. Collaboration with the branding company may be necessary for more complex projects. Our Interior Designers will create floor plans, mood boards, and/or digital mockups and provide live samples of the finishes for approval. If you’re interested in having us design or redesign your office space and incorporate your branding into the area, give us a call at 470-545-4906 or contact us on our website.
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