How to Get Employees to Return to the Workplace

While the pandemic has not yet been solved, organizations are starting to establish and assess plans for returning to work. These plans bring fresh life to the future of the workplace amidst the continuous struggle.

COVID-19 has revised many of our thoughts about ourselves and the world around us, so it is not shocking that many of our previous notions about the purpose and nature of the workplace are being questioned.

The Idea of a Workplace

There’s also a new idea and definition of a workplace. While many companies offered a progressive remote or mixed work from home option before the pandemic began, COVID has shown us that an office can be anywhere you can put your laptop.

With increased versatility in where the workplace can be, employees will take up the everyday existential issue: “Where will I be most effective and happy today?”

What can be done to persuade them to return to the original office if you have the option to work from home or even an equally convenient third-party venue such as a favorite coffee shop?

Destination Worthy Workplace

We have to evolve our view of the place of work as a strictly functional environment used for the conventional concept of “work.”

Instead of concentrating on the core working places of the past – chairs, seminars, and services – we must reinvent the workplace as a center for knowledge. More of an entire ecosystem of experience that determines vision and works together to inspire, attract, and strengthen the mission of our business.

This lifts the workplace from being a space to a community center. It becomes a destination where team members can meet, interact, discuss, and innovate in an inspiring space.

These shifts would enhance wellness and safety with additions like touchless technology, regulated traffic, and an increase in space for each employee.

The most significant trend in 2021 will be to eliminate the “work” from the workplace and replace it with meaningful, beautiful, and exciting experiential design spaces. Let’s talk about how we can design your workspace to incorporate these new trends. Contact Planning Interiors today at 470.545.4906.

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