Social Distancing Office Barrier Solutions

Forget clean and well-designed offices. When companies around the world start reopening, employees can find a mess of masking tape, plastic sheets, floor decals, and a host of half-baked design ideas in the name of stopping the COVID-19 outbreak with office barriers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing has become one of the main ways to ensure safety. What exactly does it mean for your office? Let us help you find solutions within your space to create separation and protective office barriers, so you can safely get your team back to work.

The “New” Office

Measures of social distancing require a fresh approach to rethinking your existing workspace. Planning Interiors focuses on how to reduce density inside the office areas to help increase social distance while also allowing for collaboration. Our team of designers come to find solutions to retrofit your space without compromising design, all while strengthening the new social distancing norm. We build on your workspace to construct elegant, practical solutions to ensure suitable distancing.

Social Distancing Made Easy with Office Barriers

From stationary protective office barriers to moveable walls, we tap into our arsenal of creative know-how to help you execute on a strategy that keeps your employees working safely. Stationary protective barriers can attach to existing reception desks, workspace surfaces and office partitions. We can also help you control the flow of people through your office with moveable walls and directional signage to help establish boundaries and direct traffic.

Another solution is to install on-demand privacy screens to allow employees to create privacy at their workstations with a moment’s notice. Employers can add these lightweight screens to the back or sides of a work surface or wrap them around multiple sides.

Simple Storage Changes

Shared workstations, like coworking spaces, could need an overhaul in storage organization. Locker banks allow every employee to store their personal belongings in an allocated locker, and then pick a workstation that is secure from colleagues. They can also provide natural aisle ways to direct foot traffic towards or away from specific work areas within large open spaces.

Touch-free storage can be a good idea for shared workstations. Open cupboards underneath desks can offer employees easy access to stored personal belongings. People will no longer have to worry about picking up someone else’s germs from a drawer handle.

Working with Planning Interiors

Using Planning Interiors as your creative Design Team, will help you prepare your office space for the re-entry of your workforce. We will use specific health focused design strategies to decrease the health risks of your enclosed spaces.

Your staff’s comfort level still remains important and, where possible, we will revise and refine to keep supporting common spaces or collaborative areas based on the new health standards for separation and sanitation.

Planning Interiors offers a Workplace Re-Entry Designer Program to incorporate “the 6-foot rule” for physical distancing into your office environment and will develop a “New Culture of Care for A Safe Office.” Contact us for more information. Call 470-545-4906.

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