Workspace Re-entry Designer Program

Workspace Re-entry Designer Program

Sample plan of reopening office design for Planning Interiors’ office. Image credit: Planning Interiors, Inc.

 We are here to partner with you on solutions to reopening your workplace following the recommended Health Guidelines by OSHA and the CDC.

Planning Interiors as your creative Design Team, we will use specific health focused design strategies to decrease the health risks of your enclosed spaces and help you prepare your office space for re-entry of your workforce.

The staff’s comfort level still remains important and where possible we will revise and refine to keep supporting common spaces or collaborative areas based on the new health standards for separation and sanitation.

Planning Interiors offers a Designer Program to incorporate “the 6 foot rule” for physical distancing into your office environment. Everyone will return to work with a heightened sensitivity to their work surroundings. We will develop a “New Culture of Care for A Safe Office.” 

  •  Designing a controlled area for the entry testing / screening / monitoring for visitors and staff. Next, leading people into safe passage ways and to various transition areas.
  • Establishing secondary transition zones that regulate the quantity of guests entering spaces while distancing them. Adapting amenity and lobby seating for proper occupancy and distance separation.
  • Developing an overall program to adapt corridor / circulation throughout the office for safe circulation patterns with distancing. Many areas will require passage on both sides of work areas for controlled and separate circulation.
  • Creating a safe and secure FEDEX/ UPS/ package quarantine drop-off area.
  • Evaluating and reducing all shared storage as it will allow for cleaner and sanitized space.
  • Investigate options to retro-fit work stations and benching for proper physical distancing with wellness screens or panels at teaming, collaborating and transaction areas. We can work with existing manufacturers and vendors or suggest those products that are open lines and generic to any product.
  • Reorienting other / various work points so that individuals do not directly face each other. 
  • Developing an appropriate graphics, signage and a way finding system to remind staff to physical distance and to work within safe zones and new company guidelines.
  • Reducing touch points and utilizing some form of a “tap and go” system for entry and tracking of staff if such levels of security is important. “Tap and go” will assist controlling seating and physical distancing during the work day.
  • Outlining a cleaning program and protocols and incorporating those finish materials (anti-bacterial, durable) for an easy and safe cleaning program. We will work with your landlord to see where they stop and where we need to be ready to pick up or do additional cleaning throughout the day.
  • Emphasizing a clean your desk daily policy (noting that dirt and dust particles retain the virus).
  • Locating cleaning and sanitation stations strategically throughout the office layout.

We will customize a solution that is specific to your current office layout and workforce needs to provide and maintain Healthy Business Operations.

Please contact Dana Anderson, RID, IIDA or 678-596-4494