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Our Loft Office Designs Explained

A loft office is defined as a large, adaptable open space that has been converted for light industrial or commercial use. These types of spaces are becoming increasingly popular, especially with small businesses and creative companies, due to their open floor plans and collaborative nature. At Planning Interiors, we’ve had the opportunity to design many …

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Importance of Great Office Interior Design

In a typical work week, people spend more time at work than they do at home. This is not to say that an office should feel like a home, but it should have great design qualities that make it not only a comfortable environment, but a productive one as well. Great office interior design allows …

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Using Flooring on Walls

Utilizing common flooring materials to decorate walls is becoming an increasingly popular trend in commercial interiors. By switching up the placement of flooring materials, you can add a lot more dimension to a space and play with textures to add interest. Bring Nature In Bringing the outdoors into your commercial space is becoming an increasingly …

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Entrance Design Rules

Just like a home, the entrance to a commercial space sets the tone for the whole office. That’s why entryways, reception and lobby areas are such an important element when it comes to workplace design. We’ll be discussing the entrance design elements of these office components and giving some examples of great design execution. Keep …

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The Understated Importance of Breakroom Design

Having a great office breakroom design can be a real game changer for your workplace. Not only can it be used as a selling point when hiring new talent, but can increase current employee happiness with the company. When it comes to breakroom design, there are a few aspects that should always be kept in …

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Use of Color in Commercial Interior Design

Color has the ability to affect our mood, actions, and thoughts of brands and businesses – so it’s no wonder it’s one of the most important aspects of designing commercial spaces. Here at Planning Interiors, we consider ourselves color experts and love the endless possibilities that different hues can bring to an area. Whether you’re …

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Commercial Design Effects

Commercial Design Effects

Office trends come and go, but some floor plan aspects have stood the test of time. While office spaces should be tailored to the company and work being done there, some commercial design effects remain universal when it comes to promoting certain types of employee behaviors and mindsets. Whether employees need social stimulation for creativity …

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Branding Through Office Design

Branding Through Interior Design

When you move into new office space, it can take a while for it to feel like home to your company. A new layout, new lighting, and a new interior can make things feel pretty alien. Fortunately, many commercial spaces have flexibility in the lease/purchase for renovations and alterations. Skip the uncomfortable (and probably less …

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6 Reasons to Choose LED Lighting for Your Atlanta Commercial Interiors

When you decide to keep or replace your current business lighting, you essentially have three choices: incandescent, florescent (CFL), or LED lights. Admittedly, the florescent light was an improvement over the incandescent bulb, but the LED office lighting should be your go-to choice. Typically, when we design commercial interiors in Atlanta, we lean towards using …

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Wait for It: Atlanta Waiting Room Design

Whether you’re a psychologist, dentist, physician, masseuse, acupuncturist, or banker – chances are you have a waiting room for patients or clients. Furthermore, as a human, you’ve inevitably spent time in a waiting room. Despite all of this experience, waiting room design is not set in stone. Some providers are acutely aware of what works. …

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