Entrance Design Rules

Just like a home, the entrance to a commercial space sets the tone for the whole office. That’s why entryways, reception and lobby areas are such an important element when it comes to workplace design. We’ll be discussing the entrance design elements of these office components and giving some examples of great design execution.

Keep It Simple

Have you ever walked into an office and felt immediately overwhelmed by a sensory overload of too many design elements going on? This is exactly what you don’t want your customers and office visitors to feel like when they step foot into your workspace. By keeping designs clean and simple, guests feel more at ease and able to focus on the purpose of their visit. For example, this open entryway we designed for 6525 Corners is inviting enough for guests to have a comfortable seat while waiting for a meeting and conveys a simple elegance.

Use Color (Sparingly)

While it’s important to keep entrance and lobby design simple and clean, you want to be careful to not make it feel too sterile. By adding small pops of color, you not only make a space feel more inviting, but can also reinforce your brand. We took this approach when styling AllConnect’s reception area, integrating their brand’s recognizable lime green coloring subtly into the design.

Display Your Logo Proudly

Besides making visitors feel comfortable and at ease in your office, you also want them to feel the presence of your brand. Sure, they’ve seen your logo before online most likely, but when it is seen in conjunction with your office space, a whole new concept of brand cohesiveness is formed. When designing GXG’s front entryway, we focused on uniting their simple logo design with equally sleek and executive colors for a smooth tie into their industrial office environment.

Seating is a Must

There is nothing worse than waiting for a meeting in an office with nowhere to sit and being forced to stand against a wall or pace around awkwardly. Providing guests with convenient and comfortable seating is a major aspect of ensuring your reception area is as inviting as possible. When designing Reagan Consulting’s reception area, we focused on offering welcoming seating in the form of large chairs with arm and head rests for maximum comfort.

Whether it’s a building’s reception area or a private lobby, ensuring a welcoming design is crucial to visitors’ first impressions. There are countless ways to convey your professional brand through design, and we can help! Contact us today if you need some help with your office entrance design.

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