Using Flooring on Walls

Utilizing common flooring materials to decorate walls is becoming an increasingly popular trend in commercial interiors. By switching up the placement of flooring materials, you can add a lot more dimension to a space and play with textures to add interest.

Bring Nature In

Bringing the outdoors into your commercial space is becoming an increasingly popular way of giving your space a more natural feel. A great way to achieve this is to use hardwood flooring on walls as opposed to its commonly used application, on the ground. For example, when designing Premier Surfaces’ showroom, we used reclaimed wood paneling on the staircase wall to make the small corner more interesting and lively.

Statement Piece

Utilizing flooring on walls as décor instantly draws eyes and makes a bold statement in a space. For example, this use of dark wood planks on an otherwise smooth white wall, grabs attention and acts as a focal point of the room. This, contrasted with the light wood floors, give the space balance and cohesiveness, while also adding character.

Play with Texture

It’s not only wood planks and engineered hardwood that can be used on walls. Engineered tile and vinyl are great ways to get a natural stone or tile design to add unique textures to your space. For example, here we used engineered tile with wood paneling accents to create an aesthetically pleasing and modern space in Premier Surfaces’ new showroom. The wall looks like real stone and complements the natural wood and foliage accents.

While these designs may seem like a lot of work, they are really quite simple and to achieve and maintain. When designed correctly, utilizing flooring on walls can take your commercial space from boring to bold. If you’re interested in adding an accent wall with flooring materials to your space, contact us at 470.545.4906 or visit our website.

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