Office Space Design Planning Made Simple

Office Space Design Planning

We work with a lot of clients that are planning to or have recently moved offices. When moving offices for whatever reason (a growing company, a new location etc.), it’s important to understand what you are looking to get out of a space before designing. Sure, we know you’ll need somewhere for employees to work and a bathroom and kitchen most likely, but how much space do you give to each of these aspects? We encourage you to take a moment and read through these few points to truly hone in on what you want your space to be before you begin the design process.

Understand Wants and Needs

This may seem obvious, but it is important to completely understand what your company needs and wants from a space before beginning the planning process. Consider the number of employees, special areas for individual and teamwork, conference rooms and breakrooms. If you put more emphasis on some things over others, you can plan out the office space accordingly.

Think About Feeling

The desired vibe or projected feeling of your office plays a big part in the design. How do you want employees to feel while working? Displaying brand colors or mission statements throughout common spaces is a simple way to incorporate strong brand identity. How do you want visitors to feel when visiting your space for the first time? If you will be having clients and potential recruits in your space often, you need to make sure it impresses and conveys your company’s brand well.

Plan Ahead

Do you plan on the company growing within your time in this space? Odds are yes. Take into account the space you’ll need to add more employees, teams, and anything else you may need for your growing business.

Focus on Productivity

Open offices are all the rage right now, but are they right for your company? Determine what type of floorplan is conducive to your industry and business. If your company’s work deals a lot with teamwork and collaboration, an open office might help facilitate creative brainstorming, but if your work is more focused on heads-down individual tasks, private quiet spaces may be more productive.

No matter your space or location, there is a way to design your space to make it as efficient as possible. By thinking about and having a good idea of the above, the office space design planning process can go a lot smoother. If you’re in need of a new office space design or current office revamp, contact Planning Interiors and we would love to help out!

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