Definition 6 - open concept office design

Create Breakout Spaces to Encourage Concentration in the Office

It seems intuitive that when we are happy, we are more productive just as when we are sad, we become despondent and lack motivation to …

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How Does your Brand Inspire the Look of your Office?

Do you Have a Basic Office? If a person was blindfolded, taken into your office, and the blindfold was removed, would they know what you …

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Mason Fine Art Gallery

Under My Feet – Commercial Flooring Options

When you are building or renovating your commercial space, don’t overlook the flooring. Choosing a functional material is key for an office but don’t forget …

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Let there be light!

If you want to enhance your office, we would suggest beginning with a (mostly) top down approach: lighting. Changing the lighting is a quick and …

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Pointe Lobby

Using natural elements in office space design

Even if you don’t work in a prison, your office environment may share a lot of similarities with one. Prisons are notoriously bereft of natural …

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Standard Office Layout: Do those walls hurt or help?

In my previous blog post, I listed reasons companies decide on an open floor plan. Doing so cuts down on unnecessary emails, encourages communication, increases …

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Planning Interiors Commercial Interior Design Atlanta GA - Definition 6 - open concept office design

Open concept office design: Is it right for your business?

I happened upon an interesting debate recently on an issue I deal with regularly: Open Concept Office  vs. Standard Office. “Open concept” refers to an …

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The Pointe Lobby

Design the space, design your life, write a blog?

My name is Dana. I am the President of Planning Interiors, an Atlanta-based commercial interior design firm. As the lead at a commercial interior design …

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