How Does your Brand Inspire the Look of your Office?

Do you Have a Basic Office? If a person was blindfolded, taken into your office, and the blindfold was removed, would they know what you …

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Mason Fine Art Gallery

Under My Feet – Commercial Flooring Options

When you are building or renovating your commercial space, don’t overlook the flooring. Choosing a functional material is key for an office but don’t forget …

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Let there be light!

If you want to enhance your office, we would suggest beginning with a (mostly) top down approach: lighting. Changing the lighting is a quick and …

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Pointe Lobby

Using natural elements in office space design

Even if you don’t work in a prison, your office environment may share a lot of similarities with one. Prisons are notoriously bereft of natural …

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Standard Office Layout: Do those walls hurt or help?

In my previous blog post, I listed reasons companies decide on an open floor plan. Doing so cuts down on unnecessary emails, encourages communication, increases …

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Planning Interiors Commercial Interior Design Atlanta GA - Definition 6 - open concept office design

Open concept office design: Is it right for your business?

I happened upon an interesting debate recently on an issue I deal with regularly: Open Concept Office  vs. Standard Office. “Open concept” refers to an …

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The Pointe Lobby

Design the space, design your life, write a blog?

My name is Dana. I am the President of Planning Interiors, an Atlanta-based commercial interior design firm. As the lead at a commercial interior design …

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