How to Choose an Office Color Scheme

With endless color palette possibilities, how do you choose which is best for your office space? While your color scheme is dependent upon many things like your brand and desired office atmosphere, there are some general rules to follow.

Neutral and Subdued

neutral color scheme

Neutral color palettes are best for environments where the space itself is not meant to be the star of the show. For example, showrooms and boutiques usually have more subdued color schemes to ensure the products are being highlighted and not being upstaged by the d├ęcor.

neutral showroom

Our project with Mud Pie was focused on designing their new office and showroom space to emulate an actual home environment. We used a neutral color scheme like those most commonly found in homes, so customers could easily imagine how the products would look in a home setting.

Bright and Bold

bright and bold color scheme

Bright color schemes are typically best for creative and playful office spaces. Bolder colors have been shown to foster more creativity and emotional positivity in employees. Most creative companies have brightly colored logos, so having brightly colored office space also helps maintain brand consistency.

bright office

The Planning Interiors office is a perfect example of an office with a bright and bold color palette. We focused on keeping the space bright and inspiring with accent walls and statement pieces using the vivid colors from our logo.

Black and White

black and white color scheme

A simple black and white office color scheme screams sleek and executive. By having black and white as the main colors in the palette, the additional hues stand out even more and can change the whole atmosphere of the space.

black and white office

When designing the new GXG office we embraced the industrial space. Maintaining a black and white sleek design, we integrated the brown of the brick and accents of gold to convey an executive tone.

Whether you have a corporate office or a showroom, the experts at Planning Interiors can design the space to seamlessly convey your brand. Check out our portfolio and contact us to talk design!

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