Dana Anderson: IIDA 2021 Designer of the Year

We are excited to announce Planning Interiors Inc. has been nominated as the Designer of the Year by the IIDA Georgia Chapter!

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Office Interior Design to Inspire Productivity

The interior design of any business or workspace should be suitable and aligned with what the people who work there want. It should exude warmth as well as comfort. Both are critical factors in increasing efficiency. These designs can even extend to home offices!

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Interior Design Trends You’ll Be Seeing All Year

It’s a new year, which means fabulous new interior design trends to test out in your own spaces. From the growing applications of recycled fabrics …

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Loft Office Design Ideas

Lofts used to be a very tall, cold, scarcely functional space in commercial buildings. Then the spaces became popular with artists, and quickly became the …

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How to Get Employees to Return to the Workplace

While the pandemic has not yet been solved, organizations are starting to establish and assess plans for returning to work. These plans bring fresh life …

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How to Set up the Perfect Home Office

The folding chair desk configuration is no longer an acceptable workspace. Here’s how to incorporate your makeshift workspace into your home.

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How the Pandemic Affected Residential Interior Design

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed our lives, especially how we live in our homes. All of a sudden, our homes have become a place where …

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The Importance of Home Exterior Design

Home exterior design is more relevant than ever and ensuring your home looks great from the outside (as well as from the inside) will inevitably …

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Four Living Room Design Must-Haves That Will Never Go Out of Style

According to a Choice Home Warranty survey, 28% of homeowner respondents chose the living room as the room they placed the most value on. Given …

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How Commercial Design Differs From Residential Interior Design

Interior decorating isn’t a cookie-cutter experience. Rarely can items from one design be repurposed to another project. Since every brand, building, space, and client has different expectations and styles, your projects should fit specific needs.

This is especially true when comparing commercial design to residential interior design.

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