Oversight wanted a complete update of design for their relocation to Pennant Park near the Braves stadium. 

We created an open, light, collaborative environment that entices teams and visitors to gather in different settings, both inside and outside. They wanted to move away from traditional private offices and provide employees with new semi private workstations as well as multiple areas for closed conversation options like phone booths, lounge areas, and huddle rooms. 

We planned a grand reception area and conference rooms using wood paneled ceilings and walls along with full height glass and decorative lighting. The break room is designed to serve their employees and visitors with enough space to enjoy staying in and socializing during lunch time as well as being large enough for catering to use for larger meetings. The view of the courtyard is the main focus for the open workstation and collaborative areas with an addition of a private balcony. We created some areas of open structure ceilings to give height to the space and combined acoustic fabrics and ceiling panels for sound control. Finishes are dark wood tones with a range of grays with bright accent colors in their branded greens and blues.

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