WBL (William Benator & Libby)

WBL (William Benator & Libby) is a north-central CPA & Financial Management Firm that caters to midsize businesses, corporations and private/families. The Clients’ challenge was to establish their new Atlanta Headquarters as a state-of-the art facility. Their focus was to become a clearly modern office while improving the experience of their professional team and clients. 
To identify a best-fit work environment, Planning Interiors included discovery meetings where we worked with our client to plan, design, and create an interior that brought their vision to life. This new corporate office features a sleek design but still maintains their image of an established top-level accounting firm.  
Finding the best carpet was a challenge due to supply chain issues. The Planning Interiors Team coordinated with a carpet manufacturer for a custom pattern that truly enhanced the new office design. The new design, furnishings, and artwork selections transformed the workplace and exceeded the client’s expectations.
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