Gratus Capital is a Financial Investment / Wealth Management firm that desired a customized office to represent their specialized servicing of clients. They wanted to create a contemporary, elegant, unique, and electric work environment that also served their functional requirements. The new workplace needed to embrace all the needs of its diversely talented staff and the challenging business of various investment services. The spatial layouts within their floor plan needed to recognize the 360-degree perimeter that opens up to the views of the treetops of the surrounding landscape. It was critical for all new spaces, whether open areas or enclosed, to create a sense of healthy zones for meeting with clients and for their internal collaborative teams.
With the tenant’s building located along the edge of a wooded area of the Buckhead business district, the theme of the space focuses on using warmer and natural materials. The new floor plan introduces a flowing sense of space with the Reception Area and Lobby incorporating a natural palette and introducing a somewhat residential feel to the entire space. In other office areas, we incorporated wood paneling and darker brick-faced walls. The varying textures of materials keep each destination point interesting through the use of wood, metal, stone, textured glass, fabrics, and patterns while keeping a calm and warm overall palette. The flooring materials transition throughout the spaces visually and functionally creating a unified environment from space to space.
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