Archer Western

Archer Western is one of three companies that work harmoniously together to create a fourth-generation family-owned business that provides a wide variety of construction projects out of 20 regional offices in North America: Walsh Construction, Archer Western, and Walsh Canada. The construction of Archer Western’s Atlanta office relocation was led by their very own construction management and construction teams, working hand-in-hand with the Planning Interiors team from start to finish.

Distinguishing features to the overall design are the large “close-out” rooms where the teams can utilize pin-up walls and new training tables with high-tech telepresence to work together across regions to close out bids for upcoming projects. Natural light floods the perimeter offices, phone rooms, and open areas to promote a sense of openness to the outdoors. Branding imagery was brought in before and after construction to personalize the new office, which lacked presence in their previous location. The strong green and blue coloration were strategically placed to create a sense of way-finding and pay homage to their three successful and talented companies.

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