Elemica’s new office suite, nestled on the 26th Floor of Building Five Concourse Tower, affectionately known as the “Queen Building,” spans just under 8,000 square feet. As a leading cloud-based global technology organization, Elemica spearheads various aspects of supply chain connectivity. The office’s design harmoniously integrates the company’s signature blue branding, subtly woven throughout the space.
Drawing inspiration from the serene surroundings, natural wood tones adorn the office, echoing the majestic view of treetops enveloping the building. The design embodies a blend of functionality and aesthetics, ensuring an optimal environment for creativity and productivity.
Elemica’s new office suite exemplifies a modern workspace tailored to meet the evolving needs of its dynamic team. One of the hallmarks of the office layout is its emphasis on flexibility and collaboration. Touch-down spaces offer convenient hubs for impromptu meetings and informal discussions, fostering dynamic exchanges among team members. Additionally, dedicated phone rooms provide individuals with privacy and focus amidst the open-concept design, catering to diverse work styles and preferences. 
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