The Dupree Amenity Space

The client sought to revitalize a 1997 building by infusing it with a contemporary, functional, and inviting atmosphere. The challenge was to create an entry and first-floor space that fostered a sense of community and well-being for both tenants and visitors, drawing inspiration from the building’s French name meaning “from the meadow” and its picturesque wooded surroundings.

Dubbed “The Meadows,” the design concept embraced a natural aesthetic, employing carefully selected materials such as live-edge wood panels and stone surrounds to evoke a connection to the lush landscape.

Throughout the renovated areas, there was a concerted effort to cultivate a cohesive flow while enhancing the building’s core. Central to the design was the integration of unique lighting elements, delineating open zones and defining specific areas of use. Dark walnut column features, reminiscent of the surrounding trees, not only served as visual markers but also guided circulation pathways, reinforcing the connection to nature.

A standout feature of the project was a twenty-five-foot wall mural, bathed in soft blues and greens, adorning a banquette area and offering picturesque views of the outdoors. The arrangement of furniture, including playful swing lounge beds positioned along the window line, encouraged relaxation and social interaction.

The choice of walnut for furniture components, particularly table tops, underscored the design’s homage to the surrounding natural beauty, creating a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Overall, the project successfully transformed the building into a contemporary oasis, where modern design seamlessly integrates with the tranquility of its surroundings.

Thank you to Bridge Commercial Real Estate, a subsidiary of Bridge Investment Group, for their valuable contribution and collaboration leading to the success of this project.

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