Bentley Mills, a prominent figure in the commercial carpet industry, stands as a beacon of sustainability and luxury. Committed to reducing its carbon footprint, Bentley continually integrates renewable energy and enhanced recycled content into its operations. The company’s ethos revolves around luxury, timelessness, and high performance, all of which it seeks to embody in its physical space.
The showroom serves as a testament to Bentley’s values, meticulously designed to reflect its California roots and commitment to sustainability. Artwork and warm wood tones adorn the space, echoing the brand’s organic essence. The design emphasizes open layouts and expansive glass walls, facilitating a seamless integration of the outside environment and allowing natural light to permeate the interior. In this carefully curated environment, Bentley’s carpet tiles and floor transitions take center stage. The deliberate use of organic materials and the spacious layout ensure that these elements are showcased without overshadowing one another. Each detail, from the choice of materials to the arrangement of space, is crafted to harmonize with Bentley’s philosophy of sustainable luxury.
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