Why You Should Consider a Workplace Mural

Workplace murals are gaining in popularity and are common among, but not limited to, many design oriented businesses like tech companies and graphic design agencies. Your employees spend 40 plus hours at the office, so why not add an element of inspiration and color to their daily lives? I would liken the workplace mural to the brightly colored door on a residential home. Color in the workplace greets guests, employees, and clients, and it generates positive feelings and a good first impression.

Below are a few reasons to have workplace murals:

  • They’re not just for creative companies. Everyone can appreciate and enjoy an aesthetically pleasing image.
  • If you’re a customer facing business, an eye-catching mural is another layer of branding for your company.
  • Customers may buy more. Large, bright bold designs draw customers in, the first step to driving revenue.
  • You are showing your employees you believe in your business enough to invest in a work of art. A work of art that will promote corporate identity, culture, and values. To make sure the mural is well-received, get feedback from your employees about the kind of imagery they would like to see.
  • In a space where every square inch must be accounted for and efficiency rules the day, why not bring in something beautiful that won’t take up square footage?
  • Murals make the statement that you’re there to stay, you see investing in design as a worthy endeavor. If your office looks like it was cobbled together and beige walls are the only thing you can see, employees and clients might get the opposite impression – your permanence is questionable.

Liven up a wall, the area behind your reception, or a breakout space with a mural. Design your office with in mind productivity but not at the expense of beauty. I would love to discuss ways to invigorate your office space today. I can be reached at 470.545.4906.


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