Why Herringbone Floors Are Always a Classic Choice for Commercial and Residential Spaces

Choosing the right flooring for your office or home can be one of the tougher decisions you make during a redesign project. Replacing flooring is an expensive endeavor–you want to make sure you pick a material and style that will stand the test of time durability-wise and design-wise. While every client we work with has a different vision and brand, we find ourselves going back to herringbone floors again and again. Its sturdiness, space magnification, simple maintenance requirements, and timeless aesthetics are simply too good to pass up.

The Difference Between Herringbone and Chevron

Before we dive into the specifics of why we love using herringbone flooring for so many of our clients’ spaces, we wanted to make one distinction. It’s fairly common to mix up herringbone flooring with chevron flooring but make no mistake–they are both very different patterns.

Interior designer Mallory Nikolaus says it best: “Chevron is a repeated zigzag or “V” design and requires each plank to meet at a 45-degree angle. If you think of an arrow, this is being created over and over. Herringbone is similar to chevron in its zigzag pattern but is arranged in a staggered design with every row of wood planks sloping in an opposite direction. Each piece of flooring is cut at a 90-degree angle, then laid down in one individual row at a time.”

Now, both options are undeniably beautiful. However, there’s something about herringbone that brings a certain charm. It isn’t reliant on perfection and precision like chevron is. Instead, it creates a put-together yet relaxed, natural feel to your space.

Sturdy and Long Lasting

Natural wood floors are always a good choice, and herringbone-engineered flooring is no exception. In fact, herringbone flooring is actually more stable than solid wood floors because of the way they’re installed, according to Misaka Real Wood Floors. A stabilizing core and a balancing layer at the bottom of the flooring’s design also assist it in maintaining its form even with heavy foot traffic.

Thank you to Bridge Commercial Real Estate, a subsidiary of Bridge Investment Group, for their valuable contribution and collaboration leading to the success of the pictured project.

Space Magnification Capabilities

Generally, herringbone flooring can make a space feel far bigger than it is due to its diagonal lines and angles that draw the eye outward. This can make a space feel more open and expansive, especially if the herringbone pattern is installed perpendicular to the longest wall in the room. Additionally, using lighter-colored herringbone flooring can also make the room appear larger, since lighter colors reflect more light and make spaces feel brighter and more open.

However, it’s important to be mindful of the size of the room you’re installing herringbone flooring in so you can create this magnification effect. In smaller rooms, using a larger herringbone pattern can make the space feel cramped and “busy”, while a smaller herringbone pattern can create a more cohesive, visually appealing effect. Alternatively, in larger rooms, a smaller herringbone pattern can make the space feel too overstimulating and cluttered, while a larger pattern can create a more grand, dramatic effect.

Easy to Maintain

Herringbone wood floors are extremely durable and low maintenance due to their sealed finish and tight knots between each board. In other words? Simple maintenance steps you would use to maintain other hardwood floors apply—that means mopping on a weekly basis using gentle cleaning solutions, cleaning up spills promptly, vacuuming, and sweeping. 

Thank you to Bridge Commercial Real Estate, a subsidiary of Bridge Investment Group, for their valuable contribution and collaboration leading to the success of the pictured project.

It Looks Great

One of the enduring qualities of herringbone wood flooring lies in its timeless aesthetic. Dating back centuries, this classic pattern has adorned palaces, manors, businesses, and homes of various architectural styles, standing as a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

Plus, you can never go wrong with wood. Wood is a naturally gorgeous material and instantly adds warmth and character to every space. Each plank tells a unique story through its grain patterns, knots, and variations in color. Whether you opt for a richer, darker shade or a lighter color of wood, herringbone wood floors will undoubtedly enhance the look of the room.

Partner with Seasoned Atlanta Interior Designers

Redesigning your business or home is a huge undertaking, especially if you are looking to add new flooring in to really revamp the space. Partnering with experienced interior designers, like our team here at Planning Interiors, can give you peace of mind that your design project will exceed your expectations. We are perfectionists by nature; with our team’s shared expertise and experience, we will make sure to make your project shine down to the tiniest details. 

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