What is Workplace Design?

Today’s office design is the result of recent advances designed to create a competitive climate for the workplace. The world of work continues to change and the elements that once helped offices add less value than they did before. What does workplace design mean today?

Workplace Design Best Practices  

TrilinkAn increasingly emphasized factor is the relationship between workplace design and employee wellness. These concepts of workplace design include efforts to improve the safety and health conditions of work. Ergonomic seating and temperature regulation are used to measure this.

To alleviate employee stress, many workplaces use aesthetic designs. Designs can include the use of plants to improve mood, specific types of lighting, and modifications to create a less crowded room.

Focusing on both workplace design and employee comfort, health, and safety is what encompasses a positive work environment and workplace design best practices.

Workplace Design in Your Own Office

If you’ve been considering a workplace revamp, here’s how you can do it. Take¬†into account both workplace design and employee wellness. These are some qualities you need to discuss with your staff. Business leaders should also ask themselves the following questions to begin the conversation of workplace design in your organization:

  • Who are our employees and who are they going to be in the next five years?
  • Who else is using our space (visitors, clients, etc.) and why?
  • How are customers, prospective hires, or other visitors going to perceive us when they enter our space?
  • To what degree do we value flexibility and the choice over how work is completed?
  • Are certain ways of working regarded as a luxury for only a select few?
  • What are the current behaviors we want to change in the workplace?
  • What are the most satisfying attributes that sustain productivity in the existing workplace?
  • If people don’t come to the office on a regular basis, do we understand why?

These questions will get a discussion going on what it is people want in your workplace, what would make it better, and what would boost productivity.

Workspace design is a major investment that can affect a number of business results. These results include profitability, employee satisfaction, engagement, talent acquisition, and brand impact.

Leaders must creatively approach workplace design in a strategic way, considering the myriad of ways a room can be designed. Imitating the latest trends that start-ups are following will not necessarily bring you the results that your company wants. Asking the right questions and, above all, listening to the responses of employees will. Contact Planning Interiors if you would like a consultation about your workplace design with industry experts.

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