Modern Office Design Trends

Modern Office Design Trends

Modern office design is unrecognizable from what it was even a decade ago, so what can we expect in office design trends within the upcoming years? The world of office design has shifted from the traditional focus on functionality and maximizing headcounts to becoming increasingly staff centric. There is a desire to create an office where staff feel happy and can work productively.

Office Design Trends

When most people think about “modern office design” they think of the fantastical Google, Facebook, and coworking spaces. These spaces get the most attention and are often the start for office design trends. Companies seem to be embracing agile design, break out space, and flexible work areas.

Agile Design

The agile workspace is a simple solution to a noisy, uninspiring, or distracting workplace. It provides different options for employees to choose to work and gives them the chance to have group meetings without distracting their neighbors.

This office design trend also keeps employees free from distractions. These small separate workspaces create amazing noise-blocking barriers so you are free from the distractions that plague you at your desk. These private areas also offer a peaceful, acoustic place to make personal or conference calls without going outside.

Break Out Areas

A break out area is a space open to employees or visitors that is separate from the usual working area. This can be an area where employees can relax, eat lunch, and even hold informal meetings. Giving employees an option to step away from their desks boosts productivity and efficiency.

These areas do not need to be extravagant or even take up much space. A break out area can just be a small lounge with couches and side tables. This is where you can take inspiration from Facebook and Google offices that have innovative design ideas.

Flexible Work Areas

The flexible work area office design trend is very popular with modern offices. Creating a space for collaboration and one for privacy is important. Open office layouts have been a trend, but employees still need privacy.

To create a flexible work area, establish a quiet place away from the bustling workplace. Adding a room for quiet, uninterrupted work can boost focus and decrease distractions. With flexible office space, employees should be able to work at the office, the coffee shop down the street, or even at home. Allowing autonomy and control of where your employees’ work can boost productivity.

Modern office design trends are always shifting to see what works best with employee productivity and happiness. Following these trends can positively impact both your company and your employees. If you would like a consultation for designing a modern office space, call Planning Interiors at (470) 545-4906.

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