Transform Your Home Without a Renovation

Spending a lot of time in your home can get you to notice the slightest details and start dreaming of an entire renovation. While renovating your home isn’t ideal for most people, here are some ways to redecorate your space to bring in new meaning and function to your home.

Soft Screening

Rethinking the flow of a room? Use curtains. They’re not expensive and are a quick way to completely transform the mood. Without changing any walls, you can define sections by using curtains that are sized to different portions of the room.

By mounting rods to the ceiling, you can build a privacy screen around any location. Use them to create a gauzy tent around your bed or to divide spaces into miniature rooms.

Tension rods are an excellent no-drill method. Make sure to pair them with light materials. Consider screen dividers with soft curves for a more grounded look.

Mood Lighting

Swapping out existing light fixtures is one of the simplest ways to change any area. Lighting can be used to conceal a variety of architectural flaws while also defining the purpose and perception of space.

Hardwiring sconces and pendants may not be an option for renters, but there are many plug-in options these days. Consider using a cheap projector system to wash walls in sunset tones for more atmospheric lighting than sculptural.

Chill Cushions

Fill your home with soft pillows if being surrounded by huge cushions makes more sense than cramming a couch, two chairs, and a coffee table into a small space.

When it comes to ottomans and poufs, think beyond the box; balance different textures to your living room and bedroom furniture. Pillows are the most cost-effective and practical method to add print, texture, and color to a room.

Removable Wallpaper

There are peel-and-stick wallpapers that you can remove and take with you without damaging the walls of your apartment, which is a great alternative to paint.

It’s crucial to start at the center of the most visible wall and work your way around the room. If you’re wrapping a full room, attempt to hide the last seam somewhere unobtrusive, such as over a doorway, because the pattern will most likely not match where it joins.

Area Definition

Area rugs serve as a room’s backdrop and divide up spaces. There are endless possibilities, as tastes shift. The trends are moving toward patterns, while there are classic solutions that are more budget-friendly and timeless.

If you need help decorating your home’s interior, please reach out to Planning Interiors for a quote.

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