The Ardent Companies

The Ardent Companies is a real estate focused group and a returning client of Planning Interiors. With the World changes and technology upgrades, Ardent was driven to have a space that is hi-tech, collaborative, and safe for their employees from all office locations around the Nation. Planning Interiors worked with the Ardent team to include new furniture and AV equipment design to give them the interactive space that they were looking for. The spacious open office captures all of the perimeter glass with private offices and huddle rooms lined along the interiors. The open-to-structure Breakroom/Lounge allows space for employees and clients to break away and meet, have a cup of coffee, or host an all-hands event with the full breakroom kitchen and custom-designed island. With the new plants and new sliding door opening to the property’s outdoor amenity area, it creates an oasis for the employees during the work week!

“Dana and the Planning Interiors team were an integral part of our team as we planned, designed, revised and executed on The Ardent Companies new space at Piedmont Center. Each member of our team loves the final product which reflects the value that Planning Interiors added to our project.”

—Mike Guynn, Ardent

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