SKIM is a global leader in marketing analytics, aiding organizations in data collection and measurement to fortify strategic initiatives through insightful decision-making. Boasting a sprawling 7,550 square feet, their new space is designed to harmonize energy and tranquility, catering to diverse employee needs throughout the day. 
The layout fosters seamless mobility, encouraging collaboration and creativity. Glass-fronted conference and huddle rooms foster transparency and collaboration, while diverse collaboration areas offer booth, open, and private breakaway spaces tailored to varying work styles. The integration of high-rated STC glass phone rooms is a pivotal feature ensuring utmost client confidentiality. Unique custom-built round seating adds a touch of innovation, enhancing both comfort and creativity. The vibrant color palette infused throughout the space ignites an energetic ambiance, stimulating productivity and fostering a dynamic work environment. SKIM’s new office exemplifies their commitment to empowering clients with cutting-edge analytics while cultivating a workspace conducive to innovation and success.
Thank you to SKIM Group, Leapley Construction and Bruno Vermeersch for your collaboration on this one of a kind project.
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