Arclin is a company utilizing advanced technology and engineering to address complex product and environmental challenges across various sectors, including building products and agricultural applications. The project aimed to transform the client’s traditional office layout into an inviting and stimulating environment for post-Covid remote workers, emphasizing flexibility, collaboration, and engagement. The new design embraced an open, non-designated layout, fostering a sense of freedom and adaptability. Various workspaces were incorporated, including offices, workstations, collaborative pods, meeting rooms, lounge areas, and a flexible training space, offering diverse options for work settings.
To maintain a balance between openness and privacy, an open ceiling concept was implemented, complemented by white noise, sound baffles, and acoustic panels for sound control. Additionally, small private phone rooms were integrated for confidential conversations. Natural light was maximized throughout the space, and the break area/lounge was strategically placed at the center, serving as the hub for informal gatherings. Various seating options such as lounge chairs, café tables, booths, and bar tops were provided to accommodate different preferences.
Texture and color played a crucial role in enhancing the space’s visual appeal and atmosphere. Patterned and textured carpets, along with wallcoverings in calming natural and blue hues, added visual interest. Green moss walls were introduced to bring elements of nature indoors, contributing to a refreshing environment and providing a unique branding opportunity for the client. Overall, the project successfully transformed the traditional office into a dynamic and inviting workspace tailored to the needs of the post-Covid era.
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