Emory Investment Management

Emory Investment Management is an investment management firm that facilitates the missions of Emory University, Emory Healthcare, and The Carter Center by investing assets to meet present and future spending needs. EIM has moved their office to Piedmont Center North, where the newly unveiled suburban style office park is being reimagined.
Planning Interiors had the opportunity to work hand and hand with the Emory Design Team while completing this open, collaborative, and inviting space. The goal of the project was to allow enough room for the growing team and provide the privacy needed for the employees during meetings and private conversations. The design includes private offices, open work areas, open huddle areas, as well as an open break room at the corner of the building to act as a barrier between work areas and their new conference suite entry. Utilizing dropped ceilings and warm tones and patterns in the fabrics and materials, the space is intimate, yet inviting. We love seeing the end product of our collaborative efforts, and look forward to seeing what EIM can do next!
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