Office Interior Design to Inspire Productivity

office design

The interior design of any business or workspace should be suitable and aligned with what the people who work there want. It should exude warmth as well as comfort. Both are critical factors in increasing efficiency. These designs can even extend to home offices!

Variable Office

It turns out that the open workplace concept isn’t as productive as it’s supposed to be. Evidently, open offices are correlated with lower job retention and productivity, higher levels of tension and exhaustion, and higher absent rates, including more sick days.

To combat this problem, businesses are increasing their focus on variety. Defining the kinds of job tasks your workers conduct and then creating environments for those activities is a better option.

To do so, creating personal environments that workers can tailor to their tastes, social spaces for teamwork and friendship, and “thinking rooms” for when people need some peace and quiet are only a few examples.

Lighting Options

Goodbye, fluorescent lights! These bright, buzzing overhead lights often cause headaches for a lot of workers. Choosing an office with plenty of natural light is recommended. Exposure to daylight is important for maintaining the body’s circadian rhythm, which regulates memory, serotonin absorption, and digestion. When we are exposed to sunshine, we become more awake and healthier.

Whether or not you have natural lighting, overhead lighting is important. Extra illumination in the evenings can be provided by floor lamps and desk lamps. You can end up straining your eyes if a room is too dark.

Cool light (white bulbs) is preferable to warm light (yellow bulbs) for mental clarity and concentration. Even if you prefer warmer lighting, it is best to use cool lighting in your office.


An efficient workplace must be relaxing. Poor desk configuration can cause neck pain, back pain, and other discomforts that make it difficult to concentrate at work. Ergonomic concepts will assist you in designing a safe and productive workplace.

Your workspace should promote “neutral posture,” which ensures that your body is aligned, healthy, and under minimum tension. Creating an ergonomic workspace makes for more relaxation and prolonged periods of concentration.

If you need help with designing your office interior or home office, give Planning Interior’s a call at 470.545.4906.

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