Nuber T

The founders of Nuber T approached Planning Interiors to design a men’s health and wellness clinic that offers patients an elevated health club experience. Front-of-house amenities include co-working and social spaces with a complimentary kitchen to encourage members to get comfortable and hang out outside of their scheduled appointments. Back-of-house evokes an exclusive lounge feel to continue the on-brand vibe while respecting members’ privacy.

Nuber T brought Planning Interiors back to design their expansion space soon after opening for business. Aesthetic continuity throughout was of utmost importance to the clients to uphold their brand. The expansion included a second patient lounge and several more consult rooms; a separate office area for employees to work, relax, and socialize; an extension of the original reception with a snack bar, a graphic wall for member selfies, and merchandise display; and a formerly utilitarian stairwell redesigned to seamlessly connect the upstairs expansion to the main office below.

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