Maker’s Point Flex Suite

The fourth-floor renovation at Maker’s Point aimed to establish a dynamic entry point leading to a collaborative “Hub” zone, complemented by a flexible office space concept. Embracing the ethos of strengthened relationships among coworkers, the design emphasizes a vibrant “Maker’s Culture” environment. Utilizing wood tones, brushed brass, and leather accents, the space reflects a refined industrial aesthetic. The collaborative effort between the Building Owner’s Design Team and Interior Architectural Design Team focused on creating a contemporary and seamless workspace that caters to diverse tenant needs. The layout integrates open areas, huddle spaces, phone booths, and meeting rooms to accommodate internal personnel and external clients. Attention was given to the floorplan’s flow, maximizing the natural light from the perimeter glazing and capitalizing on two outdoor terraces offering scenic views of the surrounding landscape. The design prioritizes functionality while fostering creativity and collaboration among occupants, aligning with the evolving needs of modern work environments.

Thank you to Bridge Commercial Real Estate, a subsidiary of Bridge Investment Group, for their valuable contribution and collaboration leading to the success of this project.

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