Lucky & Lady

Lucky & Lady was an exciting project to work on as our main client wasn’t human!

From the beginning, this high-end pet facility, which includes daycare, boarding, grooming, self-wash and downright pet spa, had the highest expectations from owner Ryan Deal. He provided us at Planning Interiors the challenge of creating not just a visually beautiful and functional pet spa, but one that incorporates design elements to minimize pet stresses through the use of state of the art technology and engineering to reduce sound, visual distractions and smells as well as providing a safe and secure environment. There are two indoor playgrounds for small and large dogs, several self-wash stations, and upscale boarding rooms. Some even have TVs and cameras throughout so you can check in on your furry friend! Lucky & Lady was designed from shell space in Madison Yards so Planning Interiors coordinated with structural, development, and engineering teams to make the final design come to life.

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