How to Use Tile in Commercial Interior Design like a Pro

Tile flooring, walls, and backsplash can add a timeless and sophisticated touch to any business. From classic mosaics to bold patterns and colors, tiles offer endless possibilities for adding texture and visual interest to your workspace. However, choosing the right tile and using it in the right way to elevate your business can be a tall order.  

Below, we’ll share some tips and tricks on how to use tile in interior design, so you can create beautiful and functional spaces that elevate your business.

1) Start with a plan

Before selecting any tile, it’s important to have a clear idea of the look and feel you want to achieve. We love creating mood boards and visual references to guide our decision-making process and give our ideas some shape. If you’re designing a commercial kitchen, you’ll need tiles that can withstand high temperatures and moisture, while a retail store may require tiles that provide more traction and durability for foot traffic.

2) Consider the size and shape

Tiles come in various sizes and shapes, from tiny mosaics to large-format slabs. Choosing the right size and shape is crucial in achieving the desired effect and optimizing the space. For example, large tiles can make a small room look bigger, while small tiles may add texture and depth to a larger space. Rectangular tiles can create a more modern look, while square tiles give off a more timeless, classic appeal.

3) Play with patterns and colors

One of the things that make tiles so versatile and cool to work with is their ability to add immediate interest to a room through different patterns and colors. From intricate geometrics to bold stripes or classic checkerboards, patterns can add texture and dimension to any room. The colors of the tiles you choose also matter, especially due to color psychology. Different colors evoke different emotions from people. For example, neutral colors like white, beige, and grey can create a calm and timeless look, while bold and bright hues can add a pop of energy and excitement.

4) Mix and Match

Using contrasting styles of tiles in a space can create an incredibly striking visual impact (of course, this takes an expert eye to conduct properly). You can mix and match colors, textures, sizes, patterns, and even materials. For example, you can combine natural stone tiles with glass mosaics or ceramic tiles with metallic accents.

Enhance Your Commercial Interior Design

Tiles are a tried-and-true, versatile, and practical option to enhance any commercial interior design project and give it a hefty dose of personality. At Planning Interiors, we have helped businesses of all different shapes and sizes create business spaces they thrive in. If you need an expert opinion or would like to work with design professionals to breathe some new life into your space, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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