Design the space, design your life, write a blog?

Planning Interiors Commercial Interior DesignMy name is Dana. I am the President of Planning Interiors, an Atlanta-based commercial interior design firm.

As the lead at a commercial interior design firm, you’d expect me to blog about where people work, specifically how to design the space within the four walls where most people spend their days. Don’t fret, there is plenty to say about lobbies, conference rooms, desks, chairs and ergonomic design and commercial interior design topics.

However, in this first post, I’d like to introduce you to my 3 favorite commercial interior design blogs. You do not have to be renovating or decorating a space, have an eye for color, or even know what the heck decoupaging is, these blogs have mass appeal to anyone who wants to see through the eyes of the right-brained.

  1. Dezeen is an online magazine. Yes, it has large advertisements to support it, but look past these and click on Design and treat yourself to a timeline of innovative design projects from all over the world. My favorite is  a British designer who offers a sweatshirt with a 30-year guarantee. It may seem peculiar at first, after all, aren’t designers supposed to be selling you clothes that will wear out so that you’ll have to keep buying them? But thankfully, sustainability is a becoming more or a principle and less of a “novelty.” Creating designs that LAST should be just as important as creating designs that are USEFUL. I like to think the two are indivisible.
  1. Apartment Therapy – not quite what it sounds like. This is not a blog for JUST for apartment dwellers. The blog’s layout is quite simple to navigate and the aesthetic is stunning. My favorite part? The Décor Styles. From Simple Chic to Dramatic Modern, they’ve covered all bases. There’s even a classifieds section. There’s no reason that some businesses shouldn’t consider alternative sources for office furniture too, wouldn’t you agree?
  1. Decor8 – The blogger here, Holly Becker, is so talented she offers e-courses on topics such as “Instagram Bootcamp” and “How to go from blogger to author” Becker is one of those, “how the heck do they do it?” people who is a blogger, best-selling author, freelance journalist and interior stylist.

I should just apologize to your boss now since if you decide to check these sites out at work, you may be a little less productive. I look forward to sharing more about all things related to design in future posts!

All the best to your day!


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