Residential Interior Design Services

Residential Interior Design Services

Planning Interior’s Residential Interior Design Services will guide you every step of the way to create your dream home. From the initial interactive meeting with our Design Team through the step by step process of revealing a final design, we guarantee you’ll love your newly designed space!

The Design Process

Imagine yourself working with a very strong Design Studio Team—this is what it’s like to work with Planning Interiors. To begin, we start by meeting with our new clients to understand their functional needs, overall vision, likes and dislikes, and the ultimate goal of their home. Information and ideas are openly shared. This process is extremely important as it helps us understand what our clients’ personal styles are and how to translate that into their home.

We’ll then take the kernel of ideas and nurture them into a Conceptual Scheme. We initiate the specific color schemes, design style ideas, and even touch on key details. As we move through your existing space, we will take note of the way your home operates, as well as how you would like your re-designed home to function and possible ways to actually expand the home as required.

Once we gather all the initial information about what you would like your home design to be, we’ll begin mocking up the design using our expert software. We will further develop the Scheme ideas into specifics for the interior finishes, specialty lighting, wall coverings, ceiling treatments, etc. If you have preferences for these, we can help guide you into selecting those items to provide a cohesive design for your home.

Our team will prepare drawings and materials to illustrate interior design concepts and create detailed plans with layouts showing location of furniture, appliances and special adjacencies. We’ll also provide plan and elevation sketches for the recommended cabinet work, interior built-ins and other interior installations.

Exterior Residential Design

We also provide expert exterior residential design! Similarly, to our residential interior design services, we begin by conducting an exterior evaluation and creating imagery sketches of your home. A similar Schematic Design process is followed to help us determine your desired style and design.

When it comes to the construction process, there’s no need to worry about scheduling deliveries or installations of the work – we’ll coordinate the process for you!

If you desire this level of expertise, we will Project Manage the entire build-out process. Just give the Planning Interiors team your schedule and we’ll work to coordinate contractors, specific vendors and deliveries to schedule times that work best for a smooth build-out process. We’ll also make periodic visits to the project site to observe the work of the various contractors to ensure the design turns out perfectly.

Ready to get the home of your dreams?