Why You Need a Biophilic Design in your Office

biophilic design keyboard and mouse covered in greenery in the office

Why You Need a Biophilic Design in your Office

Office greenery was once low-maintenance plants with dusty leaves. Greenery in the workplace today has expanded into vertical living walls, salad, herbs, even “forests” on the rooftop.

Biophilic design is seen in the workplace to reduce absence and mental fatigue, promote emotional satisfaction, and enhance productivity. In other words, bringing nature in is good for a company!

Plants can improve health, efficiency, and concentration as natural air purifiers. Although air pollution is a hot topic, many forget that in poorly ventilated buildings, rates of indoor emissions can be even worse than outside.

Sick Building Syndrome

Poor air quality is another contributing factor in employee ill-health. Cleaning products, building materials, carpets, paint, mold, and animals were found to cause “sick building syndrome.” Sick building syndrome is a medical condition in which people in a building suffer from sickness symptoms or feel unwell for no apparent reason.

The symptoms tend to increase with the time spent in the building and improve over time or even vanish while people are away from the building. A multitude of common indoor plants neutralizes the symptoms of sick building syndrome by eliminating harmful agents and providing better air quality.

Elements of Nature

Biophilic designs should not simply be based on natural light and air that is free of toxins. They should include living plants and an array of natural materials such as wood, stone, glass, and sand along with earthy tones like red, green, and light blue. Natural elements that reflect the movement and warmth of the world have an influence as visual features. They also encourage relaxation and reduces stress in situations with high tension.

Vertical wall gardens are a prime example of seamlessly incorporating elements of nature in the workplace. Green wall projects create a barrier that includes an automatic irrigation system while plants that serve as the living walls double as a natural oxygen-enhancing air-filtration system.

Expanding into the Outdoors

In addition to bringing the outside indoors, interior office designers are looking to incorporate designs to use in outdoor areas. What we are starting to see are more rooftop gardens, balconies with plants and seating arrangements, and parking spaces turned into gardens with park benches.

Outdoor spaces also tend to inspire workers and improve mood and job satisfaction. As a result, companies benefit from consistent performance levels and staff retention.

The modern workforce looks for employers that provide an eye-catching setting they want to spend their days in and prefer to work for companies that care about their health and wellbeing. Biophilic designs satisfy both conditions – and can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

If you need help incorporating biophilic design into your office, contact Planning Interiors at 470-545-4906!

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