Conference Room Design

Conference Room Design

Every office needs a space where collaboration occurs. Conference rooms are an integral part of an office; however, they are something that usually gets overlooked as the office space itself usually takes the spotlight. Your conference room design needs to utilize good space design, comfortable office furniture, and the proper equipment for your employees to be productive and creative when working in teams or with clients.

Continue reading this guide for an in-depth analysis of the best tips for conference room design and trends to impress clients and boost productivity in your office.

Minimize Distractions

There’s nothing worse inside a conference room than a flickering light or a wobbly table leg. It’s Conference Room Designimportant to not only think about conference room design but also the upkeep of the room.

Make sure to also have enough space and chairs for employees and clients so time is not taken to scramble and find chairs before a meeting. Consider a round table that promotes inclusivity and boosts connection.

Tech in Design

The number of remote workers is rising, and video conferencing is necessary to take into account in your conference room design. Whether it’s with clients or employees, a seamless video conferencing setup will make your day much easier. Incorporate a sleek tv and webcam to use for meetings and ensure speakers are properly hooked up and there is easy access to connect laptops.

Acoustic Furniture

Acoustic furniture is extremely useful with the rise of coworking spaces and open floor plan offices. If your meeting area is in an open or semi-open space, this is a must. The designs of acoustic furnishings are endless and can come as chairs, modular panels, or free-standing pods or cocoons. This will keep noise levels down and provide privacy.

Conference Room DesignFlexibility

The nature of how we work is becoming more flexible and our office space must reflect that. Consider removable walls in your conference room design to create more or less space, depending on the use. Choose furnishing that allows your employees to be accommodating in large and small groups. Tables and chairs that can be adjusted will create a flexible conference room design that will be functional for the years to come.


Color theory in the office is important to set the tone of the work environment. In conference room design, color can be used to organize and evoke thought patterns. An accent wall works perfectly in these particular spaces.

Great design along with easy functionality is a trend that will never go out of style. Have every corner of your office optimized for efficiency with lasting trends. View our portfolio of past work and contact us for a consultation at 470.545.4906 or send us a message.

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