3 Tips for Your Coworking Space Design  

3 Tips for Your Coworking Space Design  

Coworking spaces are gaining popularity at an incredible rate. These spaces are very different from your traditional office both in terms of function and design. One of the aspects of designing a coworking space is understanding what draws people to a location.

Your coworking space design should incorporate a wide variety of space and membership types to attract people with different workspace needs and financial means. To achieve the look, feel, and function of a successful coworking space, read this guide on coworking space design.


One of the important aspects of coworking space design is the flexibility with the space itself and the tenant contracts. Your tenants will grow and shrink and will need a space to be constantly changing. If the building layout is set in stone, having the flexibility to accommodate tenants by updating it regularly may put a dent in your pocket.

A large flexible space that allows you to host events or conferences and utilize every inch of space on a regular basis is the key to the great design of a coworking space. Having adaptable furniture like retractable walls, stackable chairs, and tables on wheels is a great place to start. Be sure to also account for furniture storage when items are not in use. Adjustable lighting to accommodate multiple tenants’ moods is a great asset, and most importantly, ensure you have a substantial number of electrical outlets.

Coworking Space Large TablesCommunity

Coworking spaces are community-based, hence the “co” in coworking. These spaces exemplify community and collaboration, and your coworking space design should focus on places where people gather.

Much like a home, a coworking space is centered around the kitchen, especially the coffee machine. If your coworking space design features a comfortable area in the kitchen, it will encourage people to leave their desks and sit in the communal area.

Providing an open coworking area is also great for tenants. However, there is a fine balance between interaction and privacy. Large banquet style tables are great for that balance. There’s enough space from end to end and if you do want to collaborate, pull up a chair!

A game room is also an incredible way to encourage interaction. Just be sure to keep these community spaces either soundproof or away from designated workspaces.

Coworking Space Design Phone Booth Privacy


Although coworking spaces foster collaboration, there are times where your tenants need privacy. As with every working environment, especially when there are so many different companies in close proximity, confidential information is flowing, and privacy is key!

Your coworking space design should include sufficient soundproofing within the walls of the offices or even soundproof phone booths for private conversations. Supplying locked storage for confidential documents should also be an option.

Whether you do the coworking space design yourself or hire designers like us, this guide should help you successfully design a coworking space. Still confused on where to start, don’t worry! Give us a call at (470) 545-4906! We’d love to design your coworking space!

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