Commercial Design Effects

Commercial Design EffectsCommercial Design Effects

Office trends come and go, but some floor plan aspects have stood the test of time. While office spaces should be tailored to the company and work being done there, some commercial design effects remain universal when it comes to promoting certain types of employee behaviors and mindsets. Whether employees need social stimulation for creativity or quiet spaces to focus individually, there is an ideal office layout for all companies’ unique requirements.

Encourage Creativity

An issue many companies have is figuring out how to promote and foster creativity. Many people don’t realize their work space has an impact on this, but it is actually one of the most defining factors! Open floor plans with more of a “living room” feel allow for a casual and collaborative environment where employees can let their creative juices flow.

Movement is another key factor in promoting creativity in the workplace; whether that be standing desks that allow employees to change up their perspective and posture, or actual moving walls that can open up or create new spaces. Being physically siloed is real and is detrimental to creative thought processes.

Commercial Design Effects

Reagan Consulting embraced an open and airy floor plan to promote office productivity.

Facilitate Collaboration

The best office spaces are those that encourage collaboration and learning on a daily basis. Much like creativity, this is done by providing open and shared spaces where employees can work together and develop ideas. Offices that have defined spaces specifically for collaboration tend to see an increase in collaboration and teamwork. These spaces can be as simple as a large communal table in an office common place where employees can gather to bounce ideas off of each other and brainstorm.

Commercial Design Effects

Premier Surfaces has fully embraced the power of collaboration with essentially wall-less floor plan.

Focus Through Design

On the opposite side of the spectrum, employees also need space where they can put their head down and focus without worry of distraction. Depending on the type of work being done, this may be the majority of the workspace or just a small component. Having small conference or project breakout rooms can come in handy in a mainly creative company, but in a more individual-focused organization, the demand for solitude may outweigh a lot of collaboration space. If an employee needs somewhere to go to prepare for a big meeting or concentrate individually to meet a deadline, those spaces should also be worked into the office plan.

Commercial Design Effects

Definition 6 realizes the benefit of having private “cubicles” to concentrate individually.

Commercial Design Effects

The perfect office space has a proportionate blend of communal and private spaces, depending on the work being performed. Here at Planning Interiors, we understand every company is different and take pride in our ability to effectively design workplaces with your company’s goals and vision in mind. Check out our portfolio to see how many offices we’ve transformed!

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